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Donald Trump Eats a Taco Bowl to Prove His Love for Hispanics

This man is a finalist for the United States presidency

Straight-shooting, tell-it-like-it-is presidential candidate Donald Trump can pander too. And because the best pandering is always inauthentic and out of touch, Trump has shown he's one of the greats. With Thursday being Cinco de Mayo, Trump made an attempt to draw Hispanic support — and maybe cover up his overt racism — by tweeting a picture of himself eating a "taco bowl."

"I love Hispanics!"

There are a few things the presumptive Republican nominee should consider. Cinco de Mayo is strictly a Mexican holiday; it's not celebrated in any other Hispanic countries. Also, Cinco de Mayo is probably a bigger deal for white American frat bros, who use it as an excuse to pound Jose Cuervo shots and Corona Lights. In Mexico, it's primarily recognized in the state of Puebla and isn't a huge deal throughout the rest of the country. So the Donald is using a holiday to pander to a bunch of people who don't care about it. 

The taco bowl — or burrito bowl or any other type of Tex-Mex bowl — is an American invention. This won't be found in a Hispanic grandmother's kitchen. And it's worth noting that Trump says he ordered the bowl from Trump Tower Grill, but that's simply not true, according to BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski.

With the low quality of the cuisine at Trump Tower, most diners wouldn't bother documenting a meal there. Then again, the building's namesake isn't exactly known for having the most refined palate.