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Arby's Drops 'Eat Your Bourbon' Slogan Due to Lawsuit

A company in Louisville took issue with the campaign

Facebook/Bourbon Barrel Foods

A Louisville-based company filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Atlanta-based chain Arby's to stop it from using the slogan "Eat Your Bourbon," reports WDRB. Arby's was using the slogan in marketing material for its bourbon-bacon sandwiches.

Matt Jamie, who owns Bourbon Barrel Foods and trademarked the phrase in connection with his company's products in 2012, settled the dispute with Arby's after the company agreed drop the slogan. Bourbon Barrel Foods produces items such as barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce aged in bourbon barrels, and bourbon-smoked sea salt.

Jamie said the Arby's campaign led to confusion with his customers.

The little guy doesn't always win these trademark battles, though. Recently, Louis Vuitton went after a chicken restaurant in South Korea for using a similar name and a play on the company's logo. A Portland-based charcuterie business was forced to change its name from "Olympic Provisions" to "Olympia Provisions" due to some protest from the International Olympic Committee.