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What Makes a Burger Halal?

Cooking in America continues with a visit to a halal butcher and burger shop

What is halal meat? On this episode of Cooking in America, host Pelin Keskin visits Honest Chops, a Halal butcher shop in New York City's East Village. The team behind the butcher shop is gearing up to open a new restaurant concept called Burgers by Honest Chops. Keskin takes a tour of the shop to learn what goes into the preparation behind halal-grade meat, and the ways it aligns with many modern consumer's concerns. Many of Honest Chops' customers aren't Muslim, but are concerned about where their meat comes from and how it was slaughtered. The main difference in taste comes from the fact that the meat is fully drained of blood before it's butchered, resulting in an absence of the taste of iron — which comes out in most ground beef preparations, including burgers. Here's what goes into a halal burger, from butcher to plate.

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