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Colonel Sanders is assembling a robot army. At a high-tech new KFC store in Shanghai, customers can order their fried chicken and mashed potatoes via voice-activated robot, Shanghaiist reports.

Named Dumi, the robot is sophisticated enough to handle order changes and substitutions, though according to the Nanfang "its makers admit the robot has trouble distinguishing between certain dialects and accents."

Robot order-takers aren't the only advanced technology at this KFC store, which is located inside Shanghai's National Exhibition and Convention Center. Customers can charge their mobile phones at wireless charging stations that also enable them to stream music, and pay for their meals via mobile payment services including Alipay and Baidu Wallet.

China has been staffing its restaurants up with robots for years, with automatons capable of everything from making ramen to serving as waiters. Robot servers aren't always all they're cracked up to be, however: Some restaurants have recently come to terms with the fact that when it comes to actually serving customers, humans still reign supreme.