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Kronenbourg 1664

Cat cafes are great and all, unless of course you're allergic to felines or hate coffee. In that case, perhaps this pop-up bar in London where beer is served by German shepherds will be of interest.

The one-day-only pop-up from beer brand Kronenbourg 1664 is a clever marketing stunt to coincide with a new beer advertisement that features said dogs delivering beer in the Alsace region of France, as the Irish Examiner reports. Each dog will be outfitted with a barrel hanging around its neck which contains a chilled bottle of beer. (Don't worry, the dogs are "professionally trained" for this.) Each table reservation includes two bottles of Kronenbourg plus (human) snacks in the form of bread and cheese, but sadly the event is already sold out; there's still a chance to snag a reservation via a Twitter contest from Kronenbourg, however.

Dogs serving beer are hardly the strangest thing to come out of London's buzzy pop-up scene, which occasionally veers into downright weird territory: Previous events have included everything from a Game of Thrones restaurant and a Breaking Bad-themed bar in an RV to a bar featuring live owls, and thousands of people are currently on the waitlist for an upcoming pop-up where patrons will dine in the nude.

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