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FBI Arrests Man for Spraying Rat Poison on Whole Foods Salad Bar

No related illnesses have been reported


Many shoppers are lured to Whole Foods by the bourgeois retailer's promise of selling only "natural" foods; thanks to the chain's ingredient standards, consumers can be sure their $8 goat yogurt doesn't contain artificial colorings or aspartame, among other things. But what about rat poison?

A man in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been taken into custody by the FBI after being accused of putting some rather unsavory ingredients on prepared foods and produce at local grocery stores, reports the New York Times. According to the FBI, the man — whose name has not been released to the public — "sprayed a liquid mixture of hand cleaner, water, and Tomcat mice poison" on self-serve food bars and stacks of produce.

He reportedly targeted a number of Ann Arbor stores over the past two weeks, including a Whole Foods and a Meijer, and officials say he may have also hit more than a dozen other stores in additional cities including Flint. State health officials say they aren't aware of any related illnesses, and according to Food Safety News, Michigan's Department of Health and Human Services says "there hasn’t been an uptick in poison control reports." Officials are encouraging anyone who's patronized these stores to dispose of products they may have purchased from the salad bars, olive bars, or self-serve prepared foods between the middle of March and the end of April.

The man's motives aren't yet known, but he could be facing felony charges of intentional adulteration of food in interstate commerce, among other charges.