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Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

McDonald's shifted away from its dollar menu many months ago, abandoning the popular bargain meal and ushering in the age of the "McPick2," giving customers the option of getting two items for $2. That was a short-lived experiment, however, and the chain later raised the price to $5 while adding bigger-ticket menu items like the Big Mac and the quarter pounder.

Now, some McDonald's locations are advertising the McPick2 value meal at $4, Consumerist notes. The company's website reflects that the McPick2 for $5 deal "may have ended nationally, but the deliciousness doesn't stop here," promising more McPick2 menu options in the future.

A handful of McDonald's locations are now advertising a McPick2 for $4, including restaurants in Indiana and KentuckyThat $4 mark appears to be the soft spot for fast food, with other major chains prioritizing the low price point for menu combos — Wendy's has its 4 for $4 menu and Burger King has a 5 for $4 menu. The two chains even engaged in a bit of social media snark, with each asserting its own value meal dominance.

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook recently vouched for the McPick2 deal despite its higher price point compared to other chains. Thanks in part to its all-day breakfast push, McDonald's saw an increase in same-store sales for the first quarter of 2016.