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Watch the 'Daily Show' Explain Starbucks' Latest Lawsuit

Trevor Noah loves Starbucks

Starbucks was slapped with another lawsuit this week; this one claims the coffee giant is using too much ice in cold drinks as a way to scam customers out of a full Frappuccino — or a few pennies. Starbucks says the lawsuit has no merit, but last night on the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah explained why this suit is bogus: "I'm sorry, the only time you should complain if something you ordered came with too much ice is if you were on the Titanic." Noah then professes his love for Starbucks, even calling it the "Ellis Island" of coffee shops (whatever that means?). Further, Noah says complaining about too much ice is "such a first world problem." He then lays it all out: If you don't want ice in your coffee, there's a solution for that, and "it's called coffee." Meanwhile, Starbucks is fighting a separate suit that says the company is under-filling its hot drinks, too.