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Watch: Gordon Ramsay Teaches You How to Buy Fish

What to look for when you're headed to the seafood market

If you've ever been intimidated at the fish market because you don't what distinguishes quality product from a ripoff, Gordon Ramsay is here to help. In this video, the shouty celebrity chef, along with a fishmonger from London's Billingsgate Market, shares what a savvy shopper should look for when purchasing seafood.

"All fish smell differently," fishmonger Roger Kent-Barton says in the video. "The longer it's around, the more fishy it will smell. When it's lovely and fresh, it doesn't smell. Whenever you're going to buy fish, don't be frightened. Get your nose right into it."

Kent-Barton offers a few more tips on how to pick the freshest fish possible, and Ramsay doles out his advice on what kinds of cuts might be best to purchase. The chef covers every cut from a salmon and explains which are suited to specific cooking methods.

"For fish fresh enough for royalty, follow your fishmonger's advice," Ramsay says, "and you'll never, ever have a dodgy Dover sole again."