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McDonald's Latest Restaurant Serves Fries and Only Fries

The catch? It's in Australia

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Attention fry fiends: McDonald's has opened a fries-only pop-up restaurant in Australia. The aptly-named Fries With That opened in Sydney on May 28, according to PopSugar Australia.

The pop-up doesn't resemble an American McDonald's at all, instead boasting a minimal interior; think neon signs in the shape of french fries and white subway tile lining the walls. There are seven types of loaded fries on offer, and no burgers or milkshakes in sight. (Let's be honest, everyone knows fries are really the highlight of McDonald's menu anyway.)

Toppings offered include peri peri cheese sauce; curry; pesto mayo and parmesan; gravy; Caesar sauce, bacon and parmesan; sweet chili and sour cream; and chipotle cheese sauce, all of which which sound much tastier than the chocolate-drizzled variety the chain introduced in its Japanese locations earlier this year.

In America, the chain is offering new twists on its classic fried potatoes, too. A new McDonald's prototype store in St. Joseph, Missouri will soon offer all-you-can-eat-fries, though the company hasn't revealed whether it plans to test AYCE fries elsewhere. Bay Area locations are currently testing garlic fries, which have proven so popular that they've sold out a number of times (according to Fortune, said garlic fries will likely make their way to a number of other stores soon).

The Australian arm of the McDonald's brand is seemingly obsessed with fries, so much so that it recently unveiled a YouTube sitcom called Good Gravy to promote the gravy-loaded variety. In lieu of human actors, the sitcom stars actual French fries.