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Watch: Making Bruschetta Never Sounded So Good

Music to your ears

No matter how you pronounce it, bruschetta is a delicacy. And preparing it can produce a quiet symphony, according to this video from Silently Cooking. The sounds of rustic bread being sliced, seasoned, broiled, and topped with tomatoes need no commentary.

Bruschetta is a pretty simple and customizable dish, but if the above version looks particularly appetizing, Silently Cooking provides the recipe:

Slice up some bread, brush one side with Olive oil, and sprinkle on some Fresh Black Pepper. Broil for about 1 minute per side, being careful to get some decent color on each side without burning.

Take each of the slices and rub a cut clove of garlic on the side that was brushed with Olive Oil. After that you're basically done with your Bruschetta, but topping it with sliced Basil and Tomato is always a good idea. Drizzling a little Balsamic Vinegar is also a great idea too.

Not in the mood for fancy toast? Perhaps the sound of falafel will tickle your fancy.

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