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In-N-Out Egg Rolls Are Every Fast Food Lover's Dream

What a creation

Many a West Coast hangover has been averted thanks to the late night consumption of burgers and fries from In-N-Out. While a regular order from the chain certainly is a treat, those who want to up their fast food game to the next level will make egg rolls from their In-N-Out fare. This video shows how it's done.

Everything's pretty straightforward. Take your In-N-Out order, chop it up, stuff it in a wrapper, and throw it in the deep-fryer. The resulting product will contain all of the In-N-Out goodness, plus an added layer of golden-brown deliciousness. Though, possessing the discipline to stick to this process, instead of scarfing the meal right out of the bag, might be easier said than done.

Transforming In-N-Out into an egg roll has to be the peak of fast food innovation. It looks much better than a sushi roll made of various breakfast items from McDonald's.

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