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Bar Owners Shame Bad Tippers Via Facebook

"If you are not prepared to give a 15 to 20% tip for good service then please go somewhere else."

Twenty percent is considered standard for gratuity these days, so do people who leave less deserve to be called out? The owners of a Lancaster, Ohio bar are grappling with dozens of negative comments after publicly shaming bad tippers via a post on Facebook, reports WCMH-TV.

In the post, Cherry Street Pub owners Billy and Lorena Smith write that the restaurant has seen several seemingly satisfied customers who have left tips less than 10 percent: "That includes people who have left notes on credit card slips that said things such as 'terrific service; underneath an 8% tip. FYI folks.....nice words will not pay the server's bills."

The proprietors go on to write that, if customers are not prepared to give a 15 to 20 percent tip, "then please go somewhere else."

Below, the post in full:

It's already received more than 700 comments since being posted yesterday, many of them negative. One poster wrote: "I wouldn't be surprised if people come in just to leave a zero tip out of spite. Bad business move putting a post like this out there..." while another wrote that Cherry Street would be the "next Lancaster restaurant to close within a year," adding, "Damn arrogant owner." Another commenter suggested that the restaurant lower its prices "so people could afford to tip your servers better."

Restaurant owners scolding their customers via social media is certainly nothing new. In January, a restaurant owner in York fired back a lengthy response to a TripAdvisor user who complained about the cost of her beverage. In the U.S., squabbles between customers and restaurants often play themselves out via Yelp for the entire world to see.