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Gareth James/Flickr

When making a sizable narcotics deal, it might be best to avoid areas where kids congregate. Two men in the Pittsburgh suburb of North Versailles were arrested yesterday following an undercover drug buy that took place in the play area of a Burger King, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

The undercover officers arranged a purchase of 20 bricks of heroin for $4,600 from the men, who are brothers; one of them had his six-year-old son with him, which explains the eyebrow-raising choice of venue. Both men are being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, in addition to the drug charges.

Weirdly, the story brings to mind an urban legend about a child who was pricked with a hypodermic needle while playing in a ball pit and subsequently died of a heroin overdose; despite being unequivocally false, it's been circulating the internet since at least 1999.

Fast food restaurants seemingly remain a popular choice for making drug deals, although sometimes it's the employees doing the dealing: A McDonald's employee was once busted for selling heroin in Happy Meals, and last year a BK employee in Georgia was caught selling meth via the drive-thru window.