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Child Support Can Be Paid in Pizza, Italian Court Rules

Seems legit


Divorce can be awfully expensive, and depending on how long a couple has been married and what each person's financial situation is, one partner may have to cough up monthly payments for child support or alimony. But what if they can't afford to do so?

According to the Local, a judge in Padua, Italy has ruled it acceptable for child support to be paid in the form of pizza. After being ordered to pay his ex-wife €300 ($333) per month in child support for their daughter, a pizza chef decided to instead provide them with an equivalent amount of pizza.

Unsurprisingly, his former spouse was none too pleased by this and decided to take the man to court. The ex-wife may have thought her case was a slam-dunk, but judge Chiara Bitozzi ruled in favor of the pizza chef instead, saying, "Since he does not earn enough to make the full payment ... it was acceptable to continue paying the alimony with his culinary creations instead."

Hope the kid really likes pizza.