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Watch: A Beginner's Guide to Mushrooms Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay

From chanterelles to truffles

Mushrooms are one of the most tasty and versatile ingredients around, and if you don't agree, perhaps it's time to get schooled on the subject by none other than Gordon Ramsay. In this video, Ramsay introduces viewers to 'shroom expert Fred Foster, who explains how to identify a good mushroom ("use your eyes" rather than sniffing them) and the best way to cut them (don't; tear them instead).

The duo also explain the standout qualities of several mushroom varieties from oysters to morels, and how best to cook them; for example, Ramsay says the chanterelle's "subtle, fruity flavor" is ideal fried with butter, parsley, and garlic. (Ramsay and Foster do not, however, discuss the sort of magic mushrooms that most of the YouTube commenters seem to be interested in.)

Gordon's not the only Ramsay producing videos galore as of late: His 14-year-old daughter Tilly recently landed a cooking show of her own.