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S&M-Themed Restaurant in Beijing Is Definitely NSFW

A restaurant with a flair for the erotic is raising eyebrows in China

Reuters Pictures/Facebook

Does beer taste better or worse when drunk from a penis-shaped mug? Ask customers at a Beijing restaurant called Ke'er, where according to Reuters, the owners — who are father and daughter — "are encouraging customers to mix food with sex."

Here, customers dine on menu items bearing names like "Sensuous World" and straight-to-the-point "Horny" while surrounded by inflatable sex dolls; servers wear aprons with 3D breasts or testicles attached to them, and glassware is shaped like various body parts. Wet wipes for customers to clean their hands with come packaged inside condoms, and the walls are decorated with bondage-themed murals.

China has strict obscenity laws and keeps a watchful eye on any "vulgar" internet or television content, as Reuters notes, but the restaurant says it hasn't had any trouble with authorities apart from one brief police visit. And apparently they're planning to kick things up a notch: Patrons may soon have the opportunity to whip the servers.