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Blueberry Pie Oreos Are Coming for You, America

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The flavors are the latest in a slate of twists on the classic


The makers of one of the world's most perfect cookies, Oreo, will soon release two riffs on its classic cookie sandwiches. Starting next month, the company will offer two limited-time-only flavors: Blueberry Pie and the cereal-inspired Fruity Crisp.

Admittedly, the flavors sound less tasty than previous iterations of Nabisco's famed snack. Fans have gobbled up limited-time-only flavors like Pumpkin SpiceHostess Cupcake, and Red Velvet in the past. And in the world of Oreo-branded foods, nothing can rival the majestic snack that is the Oreo Churro.

Unlike the standard Oreo, both of the new flavors come sandwiched between vanilla wafers. The Blueberry Pie filling is, of course, purple, while Fruity Crisp's filling bears a striking resemblance to Funfetti, and is littered with "colorful rice crisps."

Those who hoard every Oreo flavor will have to hunt for the new ones, though, as they won't be available everywhere the traditional snack is sold. Blueberry Pie will be available exclusively at Target starting June 6 and Fruity Crisp is available at select locations (Wegmans, Winn Dixie, etc.) starting June 1. No word on whether or not Donald Trump's Oreo boycott extends to limited-time-only flavors.

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