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America Hates McDonald's; Kendall Jenner, Burger Critic

Five things to know today

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Happy Friday, you (almost) made it. For those who don't have any exciting weekend plans, may we suggest cozying up with a nice whale vomit ale and some Guy Fieri-Ted Cruz erotic fiction? A better option might be scoping out Eater's very own Global 38, which provides killer (and comprehensive) restaurant recommendations in 34 cities across the world, from Copenhagen to Taipei.

In today's vital food news: McDonald's is America's most-hated fast food restaurant; Kendall Jenner expects us to believe she eats burgers like, all the time; black coffee fuels the NBA playoffs; and NYC wants diners to keep an eye on their sodium intake.

— A court has upheld NYC's sodium warnings on menus. The city put a new rule into effect last December that mandates chain restaurants must put a salt shaker icon next to menu items that contain more than 2,300 milligrams (approximately one teaspoon of salt), which is the daily limit advised by many nutritionists. A previous court ruling blocked the city from actually enforcing the law but now it's gotten the go-ahead — meaning restaurants who fail to comply could face a $200 fine or lose their permits. Meanwhile, the National Restaurant Association says it will continue to fight the ruling.

— Reality TV maven and supermodel Kendall Jenner now holds the rather unlikely title of burger critic. The Kardashian clan member published a list of her favorite burgers around the world on her website and app (which you'll have to pay to access, natch). Here's some free spoilers: She's really into the burgers at Father's Office in LA, J.G. Melon's in NYC, and Ferdi in Paris, where she says "the cheese-to-meat ratio is perfect." (Warning: She's got some opinions on pizza, too.)

— McDonald's is the second-largest fast food chain in the world (behind only Subway), but it's also one of the most hated. According to a survey of 10,000 Americans, the Golden Arches and Burger King are the most commonly disliked fast food restaurants. Baskin-Robbins, KFC, and Domino's also received overall negative ratings. (People are definitely loving McDonald's all-day breakfast, however.)

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— NBA legend LeBron James may have a billion dollar deal with Nike, but one of his teammates has own coffee. Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova, who hails from Australia, has a special blend of beans called G'Day Mate. The basketball player has a cherished pre-game ritual that involves drinking a cup of black coffee prior to every tip-off. Will it help the Cavs defeat the Toronto Raptors tonight in Game 6? Stay tuned.

— Sushi legend Nobu Matsuhisa just opened his first-ever restaurant in France. Located at boutique luxury hotel Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris, Matsuhisa Paris serves Japanese-Peruvian fusion (the chef's first real cooking job in the 70s was in Peru); appropriately, the menu will have a little French flair courtesy of executive chef Hideki Endo.

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