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Coffee-Brewing Alarm Clock Makes Early Mornings More Bearable

Just try not to spill all over yourself when hitting snooze

Barisieur Facebook

Love waking up to the sweet, sweet smell of coffee? You're clearly not alone, because a coffee-brewing alarm clock has already raised nearly $200,000 on Kickstarter. The Barisieur touts itself as a "designer coffee and tea alarm clock," which wakes users "with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea."

So far, backers have pledged more than $182,000 for the device which, with its walnut tray and bakelite base, is sort of the ultimate in hipster indulgence — even the milk cooler is described as "bespoke."

As Engadget reports, the Barisieur comes with plenty of bells and whistles, boiling water via "an induction hob that heats up a stainless steel base." It also includes a reusable steel mesh filter and a "sealed divider tray [that] stores sugar and and other hot beverage condiments or the coffee and tea itself."

The Barisieur has a bit of competition in the "sensory alarm clock" space: An aromatic alarm clock also funded via Kickstarter aims to wake users up with various smells like coffee, bacon, or cash — though sadly, it won't actually serve you any of those things upon waking.

Naturally, the coffee-maker comes with a USB port — so users can charge their phones, cool their creamer in the specially-designed milk vessel, and try not to spill boiling-hot coffee all over themselves when they absent-mindedly hit the snooze button.

Watch the Barisieur in action, below: