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Watch: Fictional Restaurant Makes Food for Instagramming, Not Eating

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"The most important part of any meal is how it looks."

Instagramming meals has practically become a competitive sport: Meals out are now often plagued by camera flashes and annoying diners who are more concerned with which filter to put on their photo of avocado toast rather than just eating their damn food.

Thankfully, there's a (fictional) restaurant to cater to Instagram junkies who can't stop taking pictures of their meals: Called Sight, its millennial chef fully understands that "The most important part of any meal is how it looks." (That's why the avocado toast is made with pre-packaged, perfectly green guacamole and then shellacked with a heavy coating of hairspray, obviously.) As a sign on the wall explains, "Please refrain from eating the food" — this cuisine is solely intended to rack up the likes.

While plenty of real restaurants have taken to creating Instagram-bait dishes with the hopes of going viral (hello, rainbow bagels and absurd milkshakes), others have banned the use of phones in hopes that diners will keep their focus on the food.