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Watch: Conan O'Brien Finds Some Strange Additions to Nutrition Labels

Is the FDA tracking 'sugars that snuck in when we weren't looking'?

Nutrition labels on packaged foods are about to get a pretty significant overhaul, thanks in large part to First Lady Michelle Obama. The new labels designed by the Food and Drug Administration will disclose how much added sugar a food contains, both in grams and as a percentage of the recommended daily intake.

The FDA hopes the new labels will inspire obesity-stricken Americans to consider changing their dietary habits when they're faced with the stark reality that a particular item has more sugar than the agency recommends they should consume in an entire day. And if the labels result in food manufacturers reducing the amount of sugar in their products, that would be considered a win too.

Some other changes are being made as well, including a few odd additions recently discovered by late-night host Conan O'Brien during one of his opening monologues. Take a look at what O'Brien has found via the video above.

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