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Another Naked Restaurant Pop-Up Launches, This Time in Australia

Don't spill anything

Facebook/Gold 104.3

A pair of radio hosts unwittingly launched a movement that will culminate in a naked restaurant pop-up in Melbourne, according to Yahoo. After hosts Jo Stanley and Anthony "Lehmo" Lehmann questioned whether anyone would want to partake in such a spectacle, they received an overwhelming amount of favorable responses in the form of phone calls, texts, and emails and decided to jump into action.

They roped in The Noble Experiment (an aptly named restaurant for such a pop-up) to play host to nude diners for one night only. Its owner Daniel Lemura told the radio hosts he'd be sure to block out the front windows of the restaurant, so as not to offer any "free shows" to the public. The staff apparently also contemplated working in the buff.

This pop-up is not the first of its kind. Last month, a restaurant in London announced a plan to put nakedness on the menu for three months. There are currently 38,554 people on the wait list for tickets.