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Ryan Lochte Eats Pizza and Chicken Wings Every Friday Night

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He also has a weakness for yellow Starbursts

Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images

Long known for being a character in the swimming world, but hardly as analyzed as Olympic competitor Michael Phelps, not much was known about the specifics of 11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte's diet — until now, that is.

The American swimming icon is currently training in Charlotte, N.C. for the Rio Olympics and he revealed some of his favorite foods and guilty pleasures while visiting the Thomasboro Academy with his personal chef, Glenn Lyman.

Lyman, who has also worked for Jeff Gordon, LeBron James, and Steve Smith, said that he has to hide yellow Starbursts from Lochte, who calls the candy a "weakness," and something he discovered when he was younger and all the other kids were too busy eating the red and pink ones.

Like any athlete who makes a living fueling and training his or her body for one specific purpose, Lochte sticks to a specific diet that's free of soda, sweetened cereals, and spicy foods, according to Lyman.

Except on his cheat days, that is. Lochte said that since he was nine years old, he's eaten pizza, chicken wings, and one solitary Mountain Dew every Friday night, with few exceptions. That probably accounts for just a small chunk of the 8,000 calories Lochte consumes over six meals each day.

Lochte has indulged in the past, including during a trip to Las Vegas in 2013 where he and some friends bounced around restaurants on The Strip, and on a trip to Penn State in 2014, where he left a bartender a $400 tip.

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