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Bunny Blossom/Facebook

Now that cat cafes have become relatively ubiquitous, an upcoming London pop-up is upping the ante with fluffy creatures of another sort: bunnies. The city will host a bunny cafe called Bunny Blossom where patrons can enjoy afternoon tea with a side of long ears and twitching noses, according to Secret London.

The pop-up cafe will run June 5 through July 11 in the inner borough of Islington, and is currently taking reservations. Like most of its cat cafe predecessors, the aim of Bunny Blossom is to find new homes for rescued rabbits.

The concept of coffee with a side of fluffy bunnies isn't going over well with everyone, however; a handful of people have taken to Bunny Blossom's Facebook page to oppose the pop-up. One writes, "You clearly have no concept of rabbit welfare by subjecting them to being part of this cruel event! ... By all means run a welfare event but leave the rabbits at the rescue premises. After all they are prey animals & suffer from immense stress in environments like this."

The proprietors insist their hearts are in the right place, however, writing, "We are an independent rescue team and we aim to bring advice to new rabbit owners. We will we check our rabbits daily and will not put any rabbits into the café if we think they are not in any way suitable. As long-term rabbit owners ourselves, we know what to look out for if there are any changes in our bunnies’ behaviour. Just like other similar animal cafes in London, we will be putting obvious rules into place, like not to grab or harass any of our rabbits."

London is certainly no stranger to pop-ups featuring animals: The city has played host to a piglet cafe and an owl bar, not to mention a whole host of other strange pop-up concepts.

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