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Watch: A New York Cafe’s Colorful Brunch, Plated Perfectly

Banana bread toast with espresso mascarpone cream, please

Since 2014, Giles Russell and Henry Roberts, two Australian ex-pats, have been serving colorful, photogenic food at Two Hands Café in New York City. The place has since become something of an Instagram sensation. Lines regularly curl around outside the 700-square foot venue in Manhattan's Little Italy, where brunch is the most popular meal. Inside, the dining area is flooded with light, which shines onto each gem-colored, produce-forward plate. Avocado toast makes an appearance (of course), but so do slices of banana bread frosted with espresso mascarpone cream, ricotta hotcakes, deep purple açai bowls, sweet corn fritters, and so many perfectly fried eggs.

The Two Hands team expanded to a second location earlier this year, but many of the fresh, health-forward offerings are the same. Watch above as the team plates their menu from beverages to bowls to many beautiful plates.

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