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Watch: Who Knew Baking Oatmeal Cookies Could Be So Peaceful?

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Put these cookies together in a snap

If you're looking for a simple oatmeal cookie recipe, today is your lucky day. This video from Silently Cooking offers a solid version of the sweet treat, and it's so simple to concoct, you won't need anyone to instruct you along the way. Just watch and imitate.

Of course, for those less-experienced bakers who aren't comfortable without a little more structure, Silently Cooking's muted host does provide an ingredient list and instructions in the video's description. None of the steps are too difficult, and the most important absolutely is the final one: "Let them cook, and then eat them. All of them."

Not in the mood for something sweet, but still want to listen to the tranquil sounds of a kitchen humming along? Let Silently Cooking teach you how to make falafel pita wraps complete with a tahini sauce, or perhaps some crunchy bruschetta topped with basil, tomato, and balsamic vinegar.

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