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Watch Anderson Cooper Drink His First-Ever Martini With Anthony Bourdain

The verdict is iffy, at best

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown airs on CNN, so naturally he ends up talking food with Anderson Cooper on a fairly regular basis. In this clip from the upcoming episode, the two television icons dive into the country of Senegal, and Cooper listens as Bourdain details the rich cultural traditions and incredible musical history of the country. Bourdain also says it feels very comfortable to visit Senegal and that a number of elements of American cuisine take their cues from the foods and customs of the country.

Eventually, the fixings for martinis arrive at the table, and Bourdain balks at the revelation that Cooper had never before tried the cocktail. "We only had Aquavit in my house," Cooper says. "I don't even know what it is." Not skipping a beat, Bourdain pours out a gin cocktail with a bit of citrus zest for Cooper, and now the world must decide whether the notoriously picky eater is just being polite when he says the drink is "pretty good."

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