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Customs and Border Protection

Drug dealers will stop at nothing — not even burritos — to deliver their wares to desperate customers. A woman was arrested at the Arizona/Mexico border over the weekend for allegedly trying to smuggle more than $3,000 worth of meth that had been not-so-cleverly disguised as a bunch of burritos.

The two burritos were tracked down with the help of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection narcotics-detection dog, according to the CBP. The meth inside weighed more than a pound and was expertly bundled inside tortillas and wrapped to look like innocent burritos. The woman apparently attempted to cross the border on foot in Nogales, Ariz.

Five other people were also arrested over the weekend for additional drug-smuggling attempts, but none made the bold move of veiling their loot inside a few burritos. Food-related drug trafficking across the Mexican border is not uncommon — a restaurant in Mexicali was recently revealed to be a cover for an underground smuggling tunnel between the U.S. and Mexico.

Back in 2014, a Mexican drug cartel even tried to hide marijuana inside of fake watermelons, but their efforts were thwarted thanks to an x-ray scanner.

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