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Pizza Sneakers Are Here for You When Real Pizza Is Not

You can even see the grease pooling


Sauce up your step with Nike's newest food-themed sneaker design (really, the inner lining is covered in a marinara sauce pattern). The latest from Nike, king of branding, is an SB Janoski "Pepperoni Pizza" shoe. It features a hyper-realistic pizza print over an otherwise minimal skater canvas sneaker. A bright white Nike swoosh and white laces highlight the the body, and red piping accents streamline the pepperoni pattern.

These sneakers didn't make the top ten best food-themed sneakers; more preferred is Van's cutesy, tiny pizza patterned slip-ons. A look back at Nike's extensive history of food-themed swag reveals this pizza sneaker is a bit of a departure from the company's typically abstract approach to food and footwear design. Consider the waffled texture of the chicken and waffles high-tops, or the doughy concentric circles and sprinkle-like paint splatters on Nike's Krispy Kreme basketball shoe collaboration: Nike's designs are most successful when they suggest, rather than imprint, the most essential characteristics of our favorite foods.

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