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Mountain Dew Gets Into the Virtual Reality Game

It involves NASCAR and some very unnaturally colored soda flavors

Mountain Dew/Official

A Venn diagram of gamers and Mountain Dew junkies probably has a sizable overlap region. Mountain Dew understands this, and has just launched virtual reality content to prove it. It's part of their DEWcision 2016 campaign, in which Dew fans can vote for one of two limited-time flavors — Pitch Black and Baja Blast — to achieve permanent Mountain Dew line-up status.

Each flavor has its own slightly trippy YouTube 360 "VR experience," and views count as votes. "The VR experience puts fans in the virtual driver's seat....where they can race through worlds powered by Baja Blast (think California beach and desert) or Pitch Black (think neon-lit futuristic cityscape)," says Mountain Dew spokesperson Stinson Parks. One of NASCAR's drivers — Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kasey Kahne, or Chase Elliott — sits in the passenger's seat for moral support.

The game will be available on YouTube 360, Facebook 360, and at the JR Motorsports Fan Day in Mooresville, North Carolina on May 26-27. As the driver encounters forks in the road between the two flavors, their choice of path represents votes for Pitch Black or Baja Blast (which are — rather alarmingly — black and turquoise in color, respectively).

Craving more food-themed video games? Consider Chipotle's Atari-style game, where you can shoot down evil artificial ingredients, or KFC's Colonel Sanders game, where you can punch faces and save babies.

Scope out Mountain Dew's VR experiences, below: