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Salad Chain Sweetgreen Banishes Bacon and Sriracha

They’re trying to ‘make America healthy again’

Sorry, no Sriracha or bacon here
Sorry, no Sriracha or bacon here
Bill Couch/Flickr

If you occasionally use salads as a guise to consume mass quantities of bacon, croutons, and dressing, you're certainly not alone. But burgeoning fast-casual salad chain Sweetgreen doesn't want to be a part of your unhealthy "salad" lunches anymore: The company announced yesterday that it's nixing bacon and Sriracha from its menu, as Business Insider reports.

In a Medium post that was emailed to customers, Sweetgreen chef Michael Stebner explains that the company is "on a mission to make America healthy again." Bacon and sriracha are out, and steelhead (a sustainable fish) and portobello mushrooms are apparently in.

Understandably, the news that Sweetgreen was axing two staples of the modern diet — and replacing them with fish and mushrooms — didn't go over too well with some of its customers.

While bacon is no doubt one of the biggest (and okay, most overplayed) food crazes of the 2000s, a recent study by the World Health Organization created quite a stir when it suggested that processed meats such as bacon cause cancer. But what's so bad about Sriracha, the hottest condiment since salsa overtook ketchup in sales sometime in the mid-90s? While mostly made up of chilies and seasonings, it does contain preservatives including potassium sorbate that some people — and at least one scientific study — say might be bad for your health. But unless you're guzzling the stuff by the bottle, it hardly seems like anything to worry about.

What's next, banning ranch dressing? (JK, Sweetgreen doesn't even have ranch. The horror.)