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Watch: How Claus Meyer's Gustu Is Lifting up a Generation of Culinary Talent

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The restaurant strives to do more than serve fine-dining cuisine in Bolivia

When Claus Meyer opened Gustu in 2013, his goal was for the culinary school and restaurant to have the same effect on Bolivian fare as Noma had on the food of Denmark. Chef de cuisine Kamilla Seidler helps to execute that plan, but Gustu does much more than serve world-class cuisine. This video from Great Big Story explains how the restaurant tries to make lives better in a developing nation.

"The idea of giving something back in a developing country is where Gustu comes into the picture," Seidler says in the video. "Gustu is not meant to be a typical culinary school; it's meant to be a learning-by-doing institute. The education needs to come with care. You can't educate somebody if you don't care about them."

Gustu hopes to train a generation of Bolivians to serve high-end cuisine, using only ingredients that are native to the country. Watch the video to see what that ambition means to those it benefits.

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