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The Best Food-Themed Sneakers, Ranked

From chicken and waffles to Whataburger (and beyond)

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Nike "Treat Yourself" Strawberry Cheesecake Sneakers
Nike "Treat Yourself" Strawberry Cheesecake Sneakers

The link between food and footwear design has gotten stronger and stronger in recent years, and now we have enough food-inspired sneakers to carry us through all appetites of the day, breakfast to lunch to dinner and even dessert. From coffee and Krispy Kreme sneakers to pizza, beer, and Eton Mess high-tops, options are stacked high for the sneaker junkie.

The beauty of the food sneaker is not only its effortless style, but also its deeply cool ability to display love and affection for one's favorite foods and brands. Pizza is cool, loving pizza is cool. Instagrammed pizza is probably cooler, but posts on Instagram are fleeting. Pizza shoes extend the cool and cultural declaration as long as the wearer chooses.

A pair of Nike Dunks is at least $100, and special designs like the premium chicken and waffles pair goes for $175. It's not practical to buy the whole spectrum of food sneakers, so here's a ranking to make decision time easier. Here, now, a list of notable and recent food sneaker designs, in descending order:

1. Nike Chicken and Waffles Dunks


2. Vans Pizza Slip-ons


3. Nike Whataburger Sneakers

Dank Customs

4. Nike Eton Mess Sneakers


5. Nike Krispy Kreme Basketball Shoes

6. Vans Taco Sneakers


7. Nike Heineken

Sneaker News

8. Vans Burger Slip-ons


9. Nike Coffee Dunks


And tied for last:

10. Vans White Castle


10. Guy Fieri Sneakers

Guy Fieri