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A Veggie Burger That Actually Bleeds Is Headed to Whole Foods

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Beyond Meat hopes the burger is 'the future of protein'


In an attempt to provide the world a "plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and tastes like ground beef," vegetarian company Beyond Meat will soon sell its new Beyond Burger in a Boulder, Colo., Whole Foods. The veggie burger will make its debut at the store on Monday, reports the New York Times, and it will be packaged as two four-ounce patties for $5.99.

Veggie burgers don't have the best reputation among carnivores, but Tom Rich, vice president of purchasing and distribution in the Denver region of Whole Foods Market, told the Times Beyond Meat's version "tasted and felt and chewed like any other burger." It stands out against other veggie burgers because it's sold right along side ground beef in a refrigerated case. Other vegetarian options, including a "Beast Burger" produced by Beyond Meat, are found in grocers' freezers and often fail to mimic the beefy qualities burger lovers enjoy.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for veggie-wary meat-eaters is that Beyond Meat's burger "bleeds" thanks to the inclusion of pulverized beets. The company says its new burger contains 20 grams of plant protein.

In addition to burgers, Beyond Meat produces plant-based "chicken strips," "meatballs," and packaged meals. The company has been successful since it was founded by Ethan Brown in 2009. Tech billionaire Bill Gates is an investor, and former McDonald's chief executive officer Don Thompson is on the Board of Directors. This new product takes a big step toward defining "the future of protein," which happens to be Beyond Meat's tag line. Brown says his burger is seven years in the making.

"This is what I had in mind when I started the company," he told the Times.

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