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Getty Images/AP

In case Barack Obama hadn't already secured his place in history as the Coolest President, this should do it: Tonight, POTUS is dining with Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam's capital city of Hanoi. What will the dynamic duo's dinner conversation entail, and more importantly, what will they feast upon?

According to the Wall Street Journal's White House correspondent Carol Lee, they'll be eating at a restaurant called Bún chả Hương Liên. (Bún chả is a traditional dish hailing from Hanoi that consists of grilled pork served in a broth or dipping sauce, flanked by rice noodles and fresh herbs.)

It's currently past 9 p.m. in Hanoi, meaning the dinner is well underway (or perhaps already over). Here's Obama arriving at the restaurant:

According to a press release from CNN, scenes from the momentous dinner will appear on an upcoming episode of Parts Unknown to air during the show's eighth season in September.

And in case you were wondering, Bourdain picked up the check:

With 241 days left in the White House, what other Cool Things will Obama accomplish? He's already become the first president to brew beer in the White House, and impressed his hipster taste in coffee upon the Oval Office, which now uses Chemex brewers emblazoned with the presidential seal. Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama helped push through new nutrition labels that, despite fierce food industry lobbying, will display added sugar content and more realistic serving sizes when they hit millions of food packages in 2018.

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