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Florida Brewery Develops Beers Exclusively for Women

Because we needed more gendered products

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Facebook/High Heel Brewing

Well ladies, we can now breathe easy because breweries are finally producing more beers exclusively for women. According to USA Today, a new craft beer venture in Florida — aptly named High Heel Brewing — is developing a brand for women by women. The new brews are apparently sold in "stylish packaging" with names like Slingback Perry Ale and Too Hop'd to Handle IPA. "There's plenty of women out there who would say [a women-owned brewery] is an overdue idea," says master brewer Kristi McGuire.

An alum of Anheuser-Busch and a former craft beer industry consultant, McGuire says High Heel aims to tap into the sought after women's beer market. They're not alone. Beer giant Coors launched a rebrand of Coors Light last year with the goal appealing to women, a group that beer companies have alienated in the past through sexist marketing tactics. Meanwhile, a company called ChickBeer uses more overt tactics to reach women consumers.

Whether High Heel will succeed in reaching the beer drinking Carrie Bradshaws of the world with its pink and green packaging and stiletto logo remains to be seen. With any luck the beer will also be cheaper to make up for that fact that women tend to make less money for equal work, while paying more for gendered products.

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