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Why You Don't Have a Sweet Tooth (Even If You Think You Do)

Science says: loving sugar isn't a binary

Your candy drawer is the envy of the office and you can’t pass an ice cream shop without stopping in for at least a sample — or three. But is your sweet tooth an actual part of your biology, something able to be defined by science? The Eater team visited the scientists at Philadelphia's Monell Center, a research institute dedicated to studying the senses of smell and taste, to find out.

A "sweet tooth" is not a medical or scientific condition, and though it's a phenomenon that's wildly understood, it's impossible to test for. This is mainly because an affinity for sugar can vary in a person depending on what they're eating. In that way, a "sweet tooth" is more a sliding scale, and less of a binary. Watch the video to learn more; to read more about the Monell Center, click here.

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