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McDonald’s and 'Angry Birds' Debut a Bright Red Bun in Singapore

Cross-promotion at its finest

McDonald's Singapore

Trading in boring beige sandwich buns for something with a little more color is all the rage among fast food companies. Burger King has tested out black buns, Kentucky Fried Chicken has given pink a try, and now McDonald's is introducing a chicken sandwich with a molten red bun. The new menu item is available at the company's Singapore restaurants, and it serves as promotional material for the new Angry Birds movie.

The sandwich — called the "Super Red Burger," even though there's no beef — really takes advantage of the bird theme, containing both a "smoky" chicken patty and a fried egg. It's topped with lettuce, tomato, "fiery pepper mayo," and that eye-burning, not-from-this-world bun. The promotional video below offers an intense look at how the sandwich comes together.

Of course, McDonald's isn't the first fast food chain to break out a red bun. In March, Burger King debuted its "Angriest Whopper," which comes with a hot sauce-infused bun that practically glows in the dark.