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How to Properly Use a Mandoline

Perfect slices every time

Want to make the thinnest and crispiest potato chips, perfectly uniform vegetable tian, or just have the most perfect carrot slices in the lunchroom? You need a mandoline. But the small kitchen appliance is often misunderstood, considered dangerous, or unwieldily and sometimes thought of as an unnecessary expense. Let ChefSteps dispel these notions. Here's how to integrate a mandoline into your normal kitchen routine, one slice at a time.

The ChefSteps team recommends using a Japanese mandoline, which is a plastic, inexpensive, endlessly adjustable, and simple model that is also incredibly sturdy and thus one of the safest to use. Watch the video above, featuring ChefSteps co-founder Grant Crilly, for a visual guide to achieving perfect results with a Japanese mandoline every time.

Read more about mandoline best practices, and find recipes that allow you to show off your new skills, here.

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