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Hillary Clinton's Staffers Also Have Hot Sauce in Their Bags

The #swag continues

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton's love for hot sauce knows no bounds — even her staffers now reportedly have hot sauce in their bags.

According to TMZ, a campaign staffer recently "hit up The Hot Sauce Boss for a bottle of each flavor, including Spicy Honey, Guava Mango Coconut, and Spicy Kush Lime." The box was reportedly sent to the Hillary for America office in New York City.

The Hot Sauce Boss seemed to confirm the news in a status update on Facebook:

The Miami-based hot sauce company also tweeted the news, writing that they would be sending the former Secretary of State a care package in appreciation, adding the hashtag, #Hillarysgettinhot.

During an interview on The Breakfast Club in April, Clinton mentioned that she keeps hot sauce in her bag. Just last week, a Pennsylvania pizzeria honored Clinton with a namesake pie, complete with spicy hot sauce and baked in the shape of her campaign logo. Though some have said Clinton is simply jumping on the Beyoncé bandwagon (in her song "Formation," Beyoncé sings about keeping "hot sauce in her bag"), it's worth noting that Clinton allegedly kept more than 100 varieties of hot sauce in the White House kitchen during her time as First Lady.

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