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Will Chipotle Ever Serve Breakfast Burritos?; Free Cone Day at Haagen-Dazs

Five things to know today


Welcome to yet another Monday. The final White House Correspondents' Dinner of President Obama's term went down Saturday night, and you missed some pretty good zingers: Namely, Obama said the Republicans in attendance couldn't decide whether to order steak or fish for dinner, suggesting some of them wrote in 'Paul Ryan' as their choice instead. "That's not an option, people. Steak or fish. You may not like steak or fish, but that's your choice," he said. In this metaphor, clearly Donald Trump is the (well-done) steak.

— Grant Achatz's hallowed Chicago restaurant Alinea closed on New Year's Day for a massive revamp, and is slated to reopen in a few weeks. Achatz tells the New York Times the cooking at the new Alinea will focus less on fancy molecular gastronomy tricks and more on "evoking emotions": "How do we season with sound? With light? With elements of emotions? For us, that makes the experience more complex and nuanced."

— Chipotle just announced it's adding chorizo to its protein lineup, so does that mean breakfast burritos are imminent? Bloomberg speculates "it's something that could bring lapsed customers back to the troubled chain." After all, breakfast foods have proved awfully profitable for McDonald's.

— Häagen-Dazs, the vaguely German-sounding ice cream company whose name is actually made up, wants to give you free ice cream on May 10; swing by a store for one free kiddie-size scoop in a cup or cone.

— Legendary British chef Marco Pierre White talks to The National about his new cookbook, Essentially Marco, and what he sees as the diminished relevancy of Michelin: "Let’s be honest, you are being given awards by people who have less knowledge than you. So what’s it worth? In the old days, you had to work for your stars, so you felt that you’d earned something. Today, you might not go to your restaurant for three months and you’ve still got your stars. People should go to a three-star restaurant where the chef is behind the stove. I’m paying a lot to dine in a three-star Michelin restaurant. If the chef is not there, it’s like you and I buying a ticket to watch Elton John in concert. We sit down, the curtain opens and there’s Elton’s number two, singing the songs, playing the piano. Are you going to be happy?"

— Protein: so hot right now. Between cricket bars, meat snacks, and the popularity of Greek yogurt, sales of high-protein foods have soared in the past several years. (Thank Dr. Atkins for that one.)

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