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Lawsuit Alleges Whole-Grain Cheez-Its Are a Sham

It all comes down to definitions

Flickr/Mike Mozart

A new lawsuit filed against the Kellogg Company calls into question the labeling of its whole-grain Cheez-Its. People who bought the crackers in New York and California are behind the complaint, which alleges Kellogg falsely used the whole-grain label, according to Consumerist.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest will serve as co-counsel in the lawsuit, arguing that the whole-grain version of Cheez-Its are primarily made with enriched white flour, not wheat.

The suit alleges whole-grain Cheez-Its are "virtually indistinct nutritionally" from the original Cheez-It crackers. "Consumers are seeking out whole-grain foods, and expect that when they see the words ‘whole grain' on the package that whole grain is the main ingredient," the CSPI's litigation director Maia Kats said in a post on the organization's website.

If the lawsuit moves forward, the plaintiffs will work to stop Kellogg from claiming the crackers are whole grain, on the grounds that such labeling is "false and misleading."