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Watch: Gordon Ramsay Tells You What You Need to Be a Better Chef

Elevate your game, Gordon-style

Gordon Ramsay may be best known for aggressively shouting obscenities and insults at anyone unfortunate enough to cross him, but the chef does, it seems, like to give advice from time to time. In this video, Ramsay reaches out to the home chef once again, with a list of essential items and equipment that can improve anyone's cooking. The list includes saucepans (heavier bottoms are always best), must-have knives (chopping, paring, and serrated), a frying pan, pestle and mortar, scale and sieve, chopping board, box grater, peeler, and roasting tray. Sometimes he gives advice on how to buy certain equipment: "Before you buy a knife, hold it in your hand and make sure it feels right to you," he says.

The Mission Impossible-like soundtrack and Ramsay's tone are kind of intense, but at least he's not condescending or yelling at you. (This means a lot from Ramsay, who's recently made headlines for insulting beloved, innocent Girl Scout Cookies.) Check it out here, for a solid inventory of kitchen basics.