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After 11 Hours of Baking, World's Longest Pizza Record Broken

They've boldly gone where no pizza has gone before

Mario Laporta/Getty Images

The effort to make the world's longest pizza has succeeded, Guinness World Record reports. It took 11 hours and 250 brightly uniformed pizza chefs working in shifts of 100, and the result is a 1.15-mile pizza — which outstrips its predecessor by one-sixteenth of a mile — stretched along the beautiful Naples coast. Cooking the Neapolitan-style pizza took five motorized wood-burning stoves, which wheeled their way down the length of the pizza foot by foot. Once the record was confirmed, visitors took complimentary slices, and surplus pizza was donated to those in need.

Mario LaPorta/Getty Images

Mario Laporta/Getty Images

Here are the numbers: it took 2.2 tons of flour, 2.2 tons of mozzarella cheese, 3,527 pounds of tomato sauce, 200 liters of olive oil, and 66 pounds of fresh basil. All of the ingredients were sourced locally from the Campania region, also known as the "home of pizza," according to Guinness.

Mario Laporta/Getty Images

Mario Laporta/Getty Images

Notably, this is a separate record from the world's largest pizza, which has a surface area comparable to nearly two soccer fields.

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