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Restaurant Payment App Cover Gets Swallowed Up by Velocity

Cover was acquired last September


One of the most notable names in the mobile payments space is no more. Following last September's acquisition by UK-based competitor Velocity, restaurant payment app Cover has now been retired.

Founded in 2013, Cover was a trailblazer in what's now a rather crowded market for mobile payment apps. It enabled users to pay their tab via a pre-registered credit card without even waiting for the check to arrive at hundreds of restaurants in major American cities, and also allowed the check to be split multiple ways.

As VentureBeat reported last fall, Velocity's acquisition of Cover equips it to tackle the U.S. market. Cover's functionality (and its existing restaurant partners) has been consolidated into the Velocity app, which now posits itself as a "global dining passport" that allows users to book tables at hundreds of restaurants, including a number in London, and pay via the app.

One of Velocity's major competitors is OpenTable, the popular reservations app which began integrating mobile payments in 2014 and rolled the feature out to more users last year.