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Watch Stephen Colbert Pontificate on America's Cheese Surplus

Warning: cheesy puns ahead

The U.S. currently has more cheese than it knows what to do with, with literally billions of pounds of extra cheese currently just hanging around. And as Stephen Colbert explained on last night's Late Show, to get rid of it every American would need to eat an extra three pounds of the stuff this year.

"Challenge accepted," Colbert says, insisting that it's every American's patriotic duty to tackle this cheesy problem head-on by ramping up their consumption of brie, gruyere, cheddar, Swiss, and havarti.

As Bloomberg recently reported, more than half of this massive cheese surplus — which was caused by cheap prices for European dairy and record U.S. dairy production — is American cheese, so Colbert kicks things off by tossing plastic-wrapped slices of the stuff into the audience. Consider it your obligation as an American to eat a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day this month.

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