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Watch: Have Your Next Beer Delivered by a Bald Eagle

A Canadian brewery really is trying to pull this off

Delivery service is a burgeoning market in the food industry, and it appears one Canadian brewery is trying to capitalize on that and get in touch with nature at the same time. Phillips Brewing & Malting Co., out of Victoria, B.C., wants to employ a bald eagle to deliver its newest product. This video explains that, no, this is not a joke.

"To celebrate the launch of our new pilsner, we've decided to do something a little bit different, something that's never been done before" owner Matt Phillips says in the video. "On June 5, we're going to try to deliver our newest beer by bird."

Presumably, the eagle will deliver beer only within a small radius surrounding the brewery. Phillips has set up a website dedicated to the experiment. Fans of the brewery can enter a contest, and selected winners will have their six-packs dropped off by a bird of prey — at least, that's the plan. How can a bald eagle learn to deliver beer? Watch Phillips's training video below.