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Nike's New Sneakers Are Inspired by Your Morning Starbucks Run

It's like latte art for your feet


Here they are, the perfect shoes for a coffee run. The latest in the SB Dunk Low Premium collection from Nike, king of branding, is a pair of sneakers inspired by a cup of coffee, according to The Boombox. Why not? Maybe Nike heard that coffee can enhance athletic endurance. The sneakers feature a brown and khaki canvas upper, its colors poetically swirling into each other just like creamer and coffee in the morning. Pine green accents throughout the shoe highlight the body, Nike swoosh, soles, and inner lining — an homage to Starbucks' iconic colors. The shoes are $100 at Premier.

What's next for Nike, in the world of food-inspired sneaks? Just last week, the company announced a Krispy Kreme collaboration. Earlier this spring, they released an epic high-top chicken and waffles design. And last fall, Nike unleashed an entire line of sneakers inspired by macaroons, meringues, and other desserts.

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