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Digital Buzz/YouTube

Whopper purveyor Burger King appears to be the latest big food brand to incorporate social media into its ordering process. The chain is trying out an order-ahead feature that's integrated into Facebook's Messenger app, reports Fast and Food. It's taking advantage of technology that was unveiled at a conference last month in San Francisco.

The Messenger app now lets users connect with bots created by companies, such as Burger King, and the bots can execute a variety of functions based on information provided in the chat. BK's bot allows customers to choose menu items and pick which specific restaurant they would like to prepare their order. The bot then provides an estimated time when the order will be ready.

This demo video from Digital Buzz shows how the service works.

Last May, Domino's Pizza launched a service that lets Twitter users place an order simply by tweeting a pizza emoji at the company's official account. Taco Bell recently  unveiled a chat bot integrated into Slack, a workplace communications tool, that enables users to order food from their nearest Taco Bell location.